May 02

Speleoforum 2015 – victory !!!

Expedition IrondDeep 2014 won three prices at Speleforum, congratulation to all expedition members and supporters. Especially thanks Richard and his team for great video and Petr for perfect photos and maps. Cave is also about 800m longer and also deeper than before (-1169m).

Presented video

Apr 21

Speleoforum 2013, Irondeep

IronDeep, first over kilometer deep cave explored by solely Czech team, won three prices in Speleoforum 2013 in Sloup, Czech Republic. Award for the most significant  discovery abroad made by members of the CSS, award of the Speleoforum participants for the most significant discovery abroad made by members of the CSS and award for the best presentation. Thanks goes to all who participate on expeditions to Montenegro.

Speleofoum 2013, Irondeep



Aug 01

First kilometer deep cave explored by Czech team

MonteNegro, Maganik, Tresteny vrh
Depth: -1027m (potential depth is about -1400m)
Polygon: 2820 m

Expedition members: V Adamec, V. Baldík, V. Bumbálek, L. Bumbálková, P. Čáslavský, Z. Dvořák, K. Hösl, V. Kahle, R. Matouš, M. Olbrecht, L. Pašek, O. Šimíček, J. Večerek.

prvni cesky kilometr, stare meandry -420m
Photo: V.Adamec